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Tue Aug 02 02:01:37 PM UTC 2022

Got a Problem?...Solve It! ♥ ♥Think I'm Tripping?...Tie My Shoe! ♥ ♥Can't Stand Me?...Sit Down! ♥ ♥Can't Face Me?...Well Turn Around! ♥ ♥Think I'm ugly...Don't look at me♥ ♥Don't like my style...Who said I liked yours?♥ ♥Don't know me...Don't judge me♥ ♥Think you know me?...You have no idea.♥♥ ¢alling me FAKE won't make you REAL, ¢alling me DUMB won't make you SMART, ¢alling me UGLY won't make you PRETTY, ¢alling me WEIRD won't make you COOL, ¢alling me WEAK WON'T make you STRONG. ♛Keep Low♛ ♚Move Fast♚😎

- Anonymous