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Sat Sep 10 02:20:45 AM UTC 2022

I, (F21) and my boyfriend (M21) currently live together and have been together about 4 months. To explain why we are living together at the 4 month mark, we started out as roommates but then started dating. I have to say my bf has never been good at pet names. Some early ones were “little stubbster” and “sour meat”. One of my nicknames for him, in comparison, is, “little bird”. Anyway about two weeks ago he starts calling me tony pizza. This doesn’t even make sense and he uses it more often than my actual name. He is obsessed. It honestly bothers me that he can’t even bother to find a somewhat nice nickname for me. I have had a couple of conversations with him about it but he says he just can’t think of anything better. What do i do? Is this going to become a bigger problem or should i even address it? i hate being tony pizza.

- Anonymous