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Tue Oct 18 04:37:19 AM UTC 2022

I know it sounds crazy but whenever I touch these sandwiches, your going to laugh at me, your going to think im nuts, your going to think im crazy. When I touch these sandwiches I feel the hands of every person whos touched them before me and after me, and I feel this jolt o’of like friggin lightning or something from my head to the tip of my you know what. Sometimes while im grabbing these sandwiches with my bare hands I just can’t help but throw my head back in ecstasy and moan so whenever I got out and talk to chicks I just, chicks say to me “what do you do?” And I say, Yes I do grab sandwiches with my bare hands in a factory. And don’t laughs, don’t laugh at me, I feel like a spirit like an orb shoot through my body every time I grab a sandwich. Ya know like a lot of people laugh at me, they beat me up, they give me black eyes, they broke my nose four times, you know because, because I just like to make sandwiches and I get bullied about it and I get bullied for it and they pull my underwear up an’and doodoo feces does fall out because of how hard they pull. But will I stop grabbing sandwiches with my bare hands and moving them down the assembly line? Absolutely friggin not if you know what I mean. Like, no, its just no way. Uhm, this is the only thing that brings my life joy. You can beat me up, you can threaten to kill me, you can dox me, ya can come to my house in a black SUV, I’m not going to stop doing this. I love the people of this country, I love given em soggy sandwiches and no im not going to stop.

- Anonymous