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Thu Oct 20 10:51:23 PM EDT 2022

I've been callin' y'all for better than a month, griping about y'all, every time Looney Tunes come on, y'all put Porky's Bu*thole on, I figure last night, and the second the cartoons come on, it was Porky's freakin' ol' Bu*thole, I said "Surely, y'all ain't gonna put the last two on Porky's freakin' Bu*thole", I, nah y'all are gonna die [if] you'all don't put Porky's freakin' Bu*thole on last dang' ol cartoon like you'all did this morning. I've seen the dang 'ol crap a half-a-million-and-a-half times. I don't see why in the heck y'all think these dang ol youngins are gonna sit there and watch Porky's dang ol Bu*thole, time after time after time after after [d-ol] time, and don't y'ever get tired of it, like– and, yesterday, y'all, I got up 7:30 in the morning, and watched all day, and I don't think y'all was right on time with y'own show all dag-gum day. I went to bed last night, wantin', wantin' to get– get one right. But y'all was wrong, still wrong. I was gonna say, I guess I'mma gonna have to call the FCC about shuttin' y'all's butt down. Y'all don't I just don't, you don't think no three-year-old kid's gonna buy, buy something, buy a dag-gon armload of stuff, cause y'all put'n those dang-old commercials on, dropping that crap on and on and on, it don't matter crap today, cause you was 5 minutes late this time, you gonna be 5 minutes late next time, cause you gonna drop those freakin' commercials on, till, till y'all get ready to... quit, yo. For some reason y'all think you're got'dang job every 10 minutes a commercial's on every dag-ol time, y'all get through, every time a show goes off or somethin. I dun-no.

- Anonymous