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Tue Nov 01 05:18:19 PM UTC 2022

So, you've lost No Nut November. What does that mean? It means you're weak for you've succumbed to mere temporary carnal pleasure. You have abandoned the power of self-control for a few seconds of ecstasy, and where does that leave you? Alone, Abandoned, Ashamed. You may claim that you stand strong, tall and healthy over us for the simple act of stimulating your sexual organ might help prevent prostate cancer, but what are 30 days of releasing your unborn children against 335 days of being able to. Your sick perversion has left you down with all the other rotten peasants who couldn't stray from their addiction for a simple month. You could've joined your comrades in the majestic gates of Valhalla as you pleasured yourself to even the most depraved tags in your website of preference, yet here you lie defeated as your comrades continue to fight strong to the urge of mating whether it be with a sexual partner or their own extremity. Your mere presence disgusts them as their trust and belief in you slowly drifted from their hearts with each stroke you gave to your rod. May the guilt of your actions weigh you down for what's left of the month

- Anonymous