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Tue Nov 08 04:25:38 AM UTC 2022

Now I got a message for all you liberals out there. You want my gun? My firearm?! Come take it from me. Just walk through my door! Come into my home, and take it from me! With your weak, soft... liberal, girlish hands... Just try to put those hands on me! Those soft liberal hands... Put them on me! On my body! Just slowly... gently... dragging your fingers up and down my arm giving me goosebumps. You want my gun?! Come kiss me for it! But not like right away, don't be too obvious with it. Let's do that thing where we- our faces get close to each other and you know what's gonna happen it's just a matter of time you just stare at each others lips but you're waiting for the right signal to give yourself over to them completely, like in a Walk To Remember... Come do that for my gun! Bite my lip and play with my hair... for my firearm! If you want my gun, come spank me for it! Not like-Not like too hard.. but like like.. still hard, you know? Li-Like-Like hurt me but make me feel safe at the same time. You pussy liberals!

- Anonymous