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Fri Nov 18 07:49:33 PM UTC 2022

I was minding my own business going poopies in the stall at the long John silvers restroom. I was all alone until I heard the door to the restroom open. You walk in and then started banging on my stall door telling me my turds fucking stink and you could smell them all the way in the lobby where you and your family were eating. Well guess what. #1. They were NOT turds. I had fucking diarrhea Karen. Guess what? Fried fish and Tartar sauce upsets my tummy and yeah, there’s an odor when I’m farting diarrhea out of my ass. You didn’t even allow me to reply before storming out of the restroom. I’m posting this hoping you see it because I demand an apology. I ruined one of my favorite pair of panties that day at long John silvers and the last thing I needed was your bullshit. I clearly had my OWN shit to deal with. Now apologize!

- Long John Silvers