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Mon Nov 21 02:55:52 PM EST 2022

In Super Mario Galaxy 2 there is an enemy called the "Smeech" this enemy will normally run away from Mario, however if Mario is riding Yoshi then it will latch onto Yoshi's face and start kissing him until you shake him off. When I was a kid I used to let a Smeech latch onto Yoshi and then just sit there and watch the Smeech just French kiss the shit outta Yoshi. I would watch the Smeech go at it for upwards of an hour just staring at the Smeech just tongue fuck outta Yoshi's face. I couldn't fully comprehend this at the time but I thought it was so fucking hot. I wished that I could have been Yoshi in that situation and just willingly let a Smeech jump on and take full ownership over my face. Did anyone else have anything similar happen to them in their childhood?

- Anonymous