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Tue Nov 22 05:58:58 PM UTC 2022

Hello, Kitty... Welcome to your first day of training as my new pet and servant. Breakfast is every morning at 8:30 am EST. We will convene at that time if you are available. After breakfast, Master will begin his shift at work. Playtime will be between 12 PM EST and 1 PM EST. Depending on your availability, we will arrange for all manner of play, and you may request a particular manner of play if you so wish. At 5 PM EST, work will be over for the day, and Master will take you to his room, and you will obey his every command. When Master gives you an order, you are to respond in the affirmative with "yes master." At all times, if you understand a command you are given, you will respond with, "yes master." At the end of the day, if Kitty so desires, she can spend recreational time with Master before bed. She can choose to play a video game with him, chat with him over the phone, watch YouTube videos, or go for a walk outside. Otherwise, Kitty is free to enjoy her evening hours as she wishes. If you understand all of this, and you are ready to have a collar wrapped around your neck to become Master's kitty, please respond, "yes master."

- Anonymous