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Tue Nov 22 01:01:54 PM EST 2022

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time playing the math game “Number Munchers” on the Apple II. When I got a high score, I liked to put in something dirty then delete it and replace it with my name. Well, one time muscle memory kicked in. Instead of deleting it, I hit enter. “penis wrinkle” suddenly had the top score. I mathed my fucking heart out for hours trying to unseat king penis wrinkle, but I could never knock him down. It turned out to be my all-time best score. I couldn’t handle the guilt, so I confessed my fuckup since it was a family computer. All I remember is my parents asking “so... why penis wrinkle?” I think the computer and floppies were eventually donated to a school. Maybe someone else was able to beat penis wrinkle off the top scores.

- penis wrinkle