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Tue Nov 22 01:03:52 PM EST 2022

Help guys, I am currently in a dire situation. My league of legends lango has quietly infiltrated by workplace vocabulary. Just the other day I was reviewing the code of some junior devs and ended up telling one of them that their Merge request was dogwater and would hard grief the performance of the entire app down the line. My colleage already asked me what "inting" was because I've apparently used that word when talking to her before and I told her it's just "doing things poorly", and she said "oh okay". Or sometimes I refer to really annoying clients as "Shaco players" when talking with fellow colleages, which doesn't really mean anything but I just had a lot of bad experiences with Shaco players in the past. No one in the group questioned about me about it but I'm nearly certain they all played league in the past so they knew exactly what I meant lol. How do I make it stop? I don't even play this game anymore.

- Anonymous