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Wed Nov 23 11:47:28 AM EST 2022

That’s IT! The left’s assault on Hooters has reached its boiling point. Enough is enough. I am calling on ALL alpha males to support and eat at your local Hooters restaurant. We will NOT allow the left to harm Hooters. Stand your ground and eat your wings! I am sick and tired of beta males and feminists trying to guilt alpha males out of eating at Hooters. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with eating at Hooters on a weekly basis, EVEN with the family and kids. Hooters is a safe space where Alpha males can bond together and be alphas without the socialist feminist beta left getting in the way. I was at Hooters tonight having some beer and wings when I overheard the table of alphas next to me complaining about the price of wings under Biden. When Trump was in office, alpha males were able to eat at Hooters every single week. Now, they're struggling to go once a month.

- John Hooter (Homepage)