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Fri Nov 25 02:57:59 PM EST 2022

If anyone asks you to do something, go to their website, vote for them on a website, asks you to verify items, warns your account will be deleted/locked, says they work for valve/tf2/tf2 trading site, offers a trade of your best items with nothing in return then you are 1000000000% being scammed❗️❗️❗️💀🔥🔥🔥😎 Step 1 of how not to get scammed by them: BLOCK THEM!!!!!!!!! Fun facts: you are in complete control of your account, so getting scammed is virtually your fault for falling for it Valve employees don’t message you on level 0 account names “John foreskin 69” that you’ll be banned and tf2 trade sites can’t delete your account!!!!!!!!! Those websites are 1000% malware and are cringe :(:(:(!!!!!!!! Don’t go to them!!!!! ALL TF2 ITEMS ALRWADY VERIFIED?!!??!!??? WHAT YOU DONT NEED TO GET THEM VERIFIED BY SOMEONE ONLINE!!!!!!! Hope this helps you and your fellow tf2 pals and gals learn from this to avoid being scammed by obvious scammers and post about it on this subreddit 10004892939293 times!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Anonymous