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Fri Jan 06 03:58:00 PM UTC 2023

I want to say your comic is very bad (the story) but also your paintings are not good. They are bluury and not well defined. It’s not quality work Also i don’t underdand why you use inferior software krita compared to the industry leader clip studio paint. Please test the trial version and you’ll see how many fantastic features it has that krita does not have at all (and will never have since too little developers) And finally i don’t underdtand why you use linux, a system hacked together by using projects that either have cloned (the kernel cloned unix) or violated software patents… Why don’t you use a mac? Apple invented the desktop metaphore, icons, fonts, … including the use of the mouse and this all back in 1984 when time was not ready for it. The ease of use of any apple product is incomparable to anything on the market. And finally the high resolution screens of Apple are the best in the world. Please use the best software: clip studio paint and apple procreate on ipad No need to use linux junk or a tool like Krita that will always be behind the industry leading software

- Tim Apple (Homepage)