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Mon Jan 23 07:57:52 PM EST 2023

dude, imagine typing the n-word on the internet whilst simultaneously being TERRIFIED of people in real life and then talking about "OPSEC" like you're not the equivalent of someone in a Call of Duty lobby. You're not even doing anything? You're not sidejacking important people, you're not defrauding huge corporations, you're not selling 0days to black site groups, you're literally just typing the n-word on a twitter knock-off website. i've said it before, if these people mattered at all, I'd feel sad for them. i just kinda shake my head and chuckle. get a hobby. learn to like, knit, or sculpt or something. you gotta get away from this website and do something that you can be objective proud of to stop feeling all this hate for people you don't know just because of their skin color. at least I only hate you because of what you say and do, but a lot of you racists just hate people without ANY investigation into their character, accomplishments, ambitions, desires, intellect, etc. it's really quite wild. it's the ultimate form of shallow-mindedness that leads you to be incredibly easy to influence by anybody who even remotely agrees with you. they say "yeah, fuck them n-words, now vote for me and sign all your rights away~~~!!!" and it's just like sheep to the slaughter. crazy shit out there

- Anonymous