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Thu Jan 26 10:01:04 AM EST 2023

What is this shit? Every single time I see this uninspired bullshit-ass half-cocked nonsense it's absolutely nothing. There is no joke here. There is no subtext. There is no comedy. This is just a series of vignettes showing things that wouldn't be interesting if they happened to me. I wouldn't find this engaging if I witnessed it occurring from across the room, and yet this artist has decided it deserved to be committed to MS Paint so that we could all witness their mundane life in perpetuity. I mean, seriously, is this an NFT-type scam or something? Are they using their Patreon to launder money, and driving upvotes here in order to create the illusion that they could realistically be receiving that much? I just cannot fathom that something so "haha relatable" without the "haha" bit could be generating THOUSANDS of positive interactions.

- Anonymous