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Tue Jan 31 04:33:42 PM EST 2023

I assume that all opinions expressed are that of your employer even if you claim that they're 'yours' and I also subsequently report all opinions to said employers (along with receipts, screenshots, etc) in the hopes that they will specifically terminate your employment. Once you've been let go I'll extend an olive branch: I'll tell you that I can cover your rent and expenses if you agree to let me move in with you. From there I will slowly begin to assume your identity and take over your life. I'll sleep with your wife (as you). I'll brush my teeth with your toothbrush. Soon you'll begin to question your entire empty existence as someone who identifies with their place of employment. You'll develop a bad drinking problem and eventually just disappear one day. Years later your family will find out you were injured and killed in a bar fight somewhere in rural Utah. By then we will have all moved on. You'll just be former employee of that one company with the bad opinions.

- Anonymous