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Mon Mar 13 09:30:49 PM EDT 2023

ATTENTION WALMART SNOBS! So I'm at Walmart and the only check out line is backed up and I overheard an associate say, "Oh, they are just too lazy to check themselves out!" When I turned to look at the line I was furious. Everyone in that line was well over 70 years old. You listen here Mr. 20 something year old Walmart Associate. These folks are the back bone of this country. These folks are not lazy. They were not born into a computer generation. While you were playing video games and learning to navigate a computer they were working in the cotton fields, in cotton mills, plowing fields and harvesting crops. These "Lazy people" can still work circles around you and they have a work ethic and drive that you probably know nothing about. Just because someone doesn't feel comfortable using a self checkout does not make them lazy. And before I forget it... those lazy people pay your salary. Instead of you and others walking around being judgemental someone could have offered to help them on the self check out. If you ever have to get your vegetables from the ground instead of the produce department guess who you are going to need help from... those lazy people! Be careful of the toes you step on today... they might be attached to the butt you have to kiss tomorrow!

- Anonymous