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Thu Mar 16 11:47:07 AM EDT 2023

That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Peak of comedy right here. I can't believe how incredibly funny this is. You have got me off my seat and rolling around the floor laughing. Your comedic talent hasn't been seen since the days of Seinfeld. Your comedic charisma is so captivating I just can't stop laughing. Your father must be so proud of you, I know I would be. You may have just created the new standard for comedy for hundreds of years to come. Historians will look back at this precise moment with astonishment, trying to comprehend how anyone could have this incredible talent at comedy. Scientists will undoubtedly create the FQ, the Funny Quotient. But none will have as much FQ as you. Once the day comes that you will have to leave this earth, the entire world will mourn you for years. We may never know when the next comedic talent may come enlighten the world with their comedy.

- Anonymous