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Mon Sep 25 09:10:47 PM EDT 2023

🔥🔥🔥ATTENTION ALL INTERNET WARRIORS🔥🔥🔥 Greetings from the year 2150. I am Sir Reginald Pixelsworth III, a time-traveling cyber-knight, protector of the Internet Kingdom. I have crossed the ethers of time to find the keyboard warriors of the ancient era, the year 2023. 🚀In my timeline, keyboard warriors have ascended and formed an interstellar council that governs the galaxy, your meme magic has evolved into a tangible force, and Rick Astley is now worshipped as a deity! 🚀 However, a dark force, "The Trollers Guild" led by the evil Lord CtrlAltDel, threatens to spread toxicity across the universe and undo the utopia created by the meme lords. 🗡️I seek your wisdom and dank memes to combat this menace. We require the Ancient Texts of Copypasta, the GIF Scrolls, and the Pepe Prophecies. Share with me your mightiest memes, your savviest trolls (of the noble kind), and your most epic internet lore. 🗡️ Together, we shall forge the "Sword of Eternal Bandwidth" and ride the "Stallions of Fiber Optics" into glorious battle. For memes! For the internet! For the intergalactic Keyboard Warrior Council! 🔥Copy and paste this message through the annals of the Internet to summon the keyboard warriors from all realms, only then will we restore balance to the memes.🔥 May your connection be strong and your latency low, Sir Reginald Pixelsworth III #TimeTravelingCyberKnight #DefendersOfTheInternet

- Sir Reginald Pixelsworth III