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Tue Jan 11 09:39:16 PM EST 2022

Hello I’m Mike Lindell, inventor of the world’s most comfortable pillow: My Pillow. We all have the same problems sleeping at night: our pillows go flat. We end up folding our pillows over for support, using our arms, flip flopping all night long like a guppy; we wake up in the morning: we have sore necks, we have headaches, our arms are asleep, we feel like we need a nap in the afternoon even though we’ve slept 8 hours. Well with MY Patented Fill, wherever you move this Pillow, it will hold the exact position for you as an individual, and you will get the best night’s sleep of your life! It also stays cool: you don’t have to flip it to the cool side; it stays healthy for a full ten years and its warrantied not to go flat. AND you can throw it right in the washer and dryer just like your favorite blue jeans, and I personally guarantee its gonna to be the most comfortable pillow you will ever own…

- Mike Lindell (Homepage)