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Fri Jun 17 07:51:45 PM UTC 2022

A toast to my "friend" Stephen, who set me on the path of villainy. He was supposed to deliver a letter to my crush that I spent hours composing. He did- except he claimed he was the author. She was smitten. I was devastated. My shyness died that day and I became the world's most driven and ruthless 5th grader. Years later at our senior prom, I just happened to be at the punch bowl at the same time as her. I began reciting my letter from memory, line by line. Her eyes grew wide and the cup in her hand started to tremble. My "friend" Stephen, for I had still kept him very close, walked over to see what was going on. The last thing I heard as I walked out of the gym was her yelling and screaming at him. When a chaperone followed me to the school parking lot to demand to know what I had done, I responded thusly: "I waited."

- Anonymous