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Mon Nov 07 06:15:51 PM UTC 2022


- Anonymous


Tue Nov 01 05:18:19 PM UTC 2022

So, you've lost No Nut November. What does that mean? It means you're weak for you've succumbed to mere temporary carnal pleasure. You have abandoned the power of self-control for a few seconds of ecstasy, and where does that leave you? Alone, Abandoned, Ashamed. You may claim that you stand strong, tall and healthy over us for the simple act of stimulating your sexual organ might help prevent prostate cancer, but what are 30 days of releasing your unborn children against 335 days of being able to. Your sick perversion has left you down with all the other rotten peasants who couldn't stray from their addiction for a simple month. You could've joined your comrades in the majestic gates of Valhalla as you pleasured yourself to even the most depraved tags in your website of preference, yet here you lie defeated as your comrades continue to fight strong to the urge of mating whether it be with a sexual partner or their own extremity. Your mere presence disgusts them as their trust and belief in you slowly drifted from their hearts with each stroke you gave to your rod. May the guilt of your actions weigh you down for what's left of the month

- Anonymous


Fri Oct 21 02:51:23 AM UTC 2022

I've been callin' y'all for better than a month, griping about y'all, every time Looney Tunes come on, y'all put Porky's Bu*thole on, I figure last night, and the second the cartoons come on, it was Porky's freakin' ol' Bu*thole, I said "Surely, y'all ain't gonna put the last two on Porky's freakin' Bu*thole", I, nah y'all are gonna die [if] you'all don't put Porky's freakin' Bu*thole on last dang' ol cartoon like you'all did this morning. I've seen the dang 'ol crap a half-a-million-and-a-half times. I don't see why in the heck y'all think these dang ol youngins are gonna sit there and watch Porky's dang ol Bu*thole, time after time after time after after [d-ol] time, and don't y'ever get tired of it, like– and, yesterday, y'all, I got up 7:30 in the morning, and watched all day, and I don't think y'all was right on time with y'own show all dag-gum day. I went to bed last night, wantin', wantin' to get– get one right. But y'all was wrong, still wrong. I was gonna say, I guess I'mma gonna have to call the FCC about shuttin' y'all's butt down. Y'all don't I just don't, you don't think no three-year-old kid's gonna buy, buy something, buy a dag-gon armload of stuff, cause y'all put'n those dang-old commercials on, dropping that crap on and on and on, it don't matter crap today, cause you was 5 minutes late this time, you gonna be 5 minutes late next time, cause you gonna drop those freakin' commercials on, till, till y'all get ready to... quit, yo. For some reason y'all think you're got'dang job every 10 minutes a commercial's on every dag-ol time, y'all get through, every time a show goes off or somethin. I dun-no.

- Anonymous


Thu Oct 20 08:05:36 PM UTC 2022

*Sniff Sniff* i-is that a BOY I smell? *sniff* mmm yes I smell it! BOYSMELLS!!! I smell a boy W-What is a boy doing here?!?! omygosh what am I Gonna do?!?! THERE'S A BOY HERE! I'M FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!!!!! clam down calm down and take a nice, deep breathe....... It smells so good! I love boysmell so much!!!! It makes me feel so amazing. I'm getting tingles all over from the delicious boyscent! It's driving me boyCRAZY!!!!!!! if u are a boy and u are reading this, I just wanted to say hiiiiii cute boy!!!!! I love you

- Anonymous


Tue Oct 18 04:37:19 AM UTC 2022

I know it sounds crazy but whenever I touch these sandwiches, your going to laugh at me, your going to think im nuts, your going to think im crazy. When I touch these sandwiches I feel the hands of every person whos touched them before me and after me, and I feel this jolt o’of like friggin lightning or something from my head to the tip of my you know what. Sometimes while im grabbing these sandwiches with my bare hands I just can’t help but throw my head back in ecstasy and moan so whenever I got out and talk to chicks I just, chicks say to me “what do you do?” And I say, Yes I do grab sandwiches with my bare hands in a factory. And don’t laughs, don’t laugh at me, I feel like a spirit like an orb shoot through my body every time I grab a sandwich. Ya know like a lot of people laugh at me, they beat me up, they give me black eyes, they broke my nose four times, you know because, because I just like to make sandwiches and I get bullied about it and I get bullied for it and they pull my underwear up an’and doodoo feces does fall out because of how hard they pull. But will I stop grabbing sandwiches with my bare hands and moving them down the assembly line? Absolutely friggin not if you know what I mean. Like, no, its just no way. Uhm, this is the only thing that brings my life joy. You can beat me up, you can threaten to kill me, you can dox me, ya can come to my house in a black SUV, I’m not going to stop doing this. I love the people of this country, I love given em soggy sandwiches and no im not going to stop.

- Anonymous


Sun Oct 16 10:50:34 PM UTC 2022

(\_/) ( •_•) />🎃

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Sun Oct 16 02:30:10 PM UTC 2022

halp im locked out of my flat in dubai

- Anonymous


Fri Oct 14 03:26:49 AM UTC 2022

effortposting? on a thursday night? it's more likely than you think

- Anonymous (Homepage)


Fri Oct 14 03:24:45 AM UTC 2022

.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 . .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

- Anonymous


Fri Oct 14 03:22:34 AM UTC 2022

What's up guys! It's Quandale Dingle here! (RUUEHEHEHEHEHEEHE) I have been arrested for multiple crimes (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) including: Battery on a police officer (WHAT), Grand theft, Declaring war on Italy, and public indecency (RUHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE X2 speed). I will be escaping prison on, MARCH 28TH! After that.... I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD

- Anonymous